Using print usb sticks for your company

More and more companies are starting to use branded USB sticks as a part of their advertising or marketing campaigns, or as giveaways for partners or employees. They are a huge hit at business events or conferences, pre-loading promotional digital data as well as the presentations themselves… Read More

custom wooden usb
Brand awareness and custom USB

The best way to promote businesses is to use promotional products and one of the most convenient and functional ways to improve brand awareness is to use branded USB sticks. If you are planning to give away USB business cards, then it is important that you know… Read More

Promotional USB sticks and their use

Promotional merchandise has long been popular with different companies and groups, from sports teams right through to corporate businesses. Promotional USB sticks serve in spreading the name of a brand and also building a positive relationship with potential customers. Some of the most popular promotional items available on the market… Read More

custom wooden usb
The custom USB stick

Custom USB sticks can be used as a great promotional tool. For example, they can be used in many forms; hand them out to your loyal customers as a “thank you,” use them to boost your brand visibility and ensure you make a statement and ensure you are the first… Read More