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10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand Using Promotional USB Drives

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By Implant Media April 15, 2022

Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand -Promotional-flash-drives

Are you looking for other innovative ways to use promotional USB drives? Promotional flash drives have become the go-to mode for portable data storage & they have also occurred as a powerful marketing tool.

Try these ten creative ways to promote your brand using promotional USB sticks. Let us start with various innovative ways to put promotional thumb drives to work for your enterprise without further delay.

Know-How to Use Custom Branded USB Sticks Creatively

Giveaway at an Event or a Tradeshow

Custom USB sticks are ideal for an event or tradeshow as promotional gifts to a great extent. Forget about bulky boxes to giveaway at an event or an expo. Use a USB stick as a promotional gift, which is lightweight & compact enough to travel anywhere quickly.

Any custom branded USB sticks are a compact size, suitable if you’re attending a meeting out of the state and need to ship your giveaways reasonably.

Preload your promotional USB drives with documents & PDFs & leave a note at the office. Event viewers will admire the lack of paper catalogs.

Acts as a Useful Employee Tool

Thanks to their functionality & conventional usability, promotional flash drives are now an office necessity in various industry verticals. With many additional functions crammed into such a cheap device, promotional USB sticks have increased durability.

Promotional thumb drives are vital for productivity; these custom USB sticks are hassle-free to move files between laptops, PCs, important backups, quick access to practical portable applications & taking your work on the road.

Serves as Digital Storage

A USB stick serves as a promotional gift and a tool for storing a digital copy of your essential work & source of business information. Give away to your prospects to give insights into your enterprise quickly & conveniently.

Your contact information, including website links, email addresses, and social media links, is readily available to them while giving them a promotional item that allows them to remember your brand whenever they use it.

Your marketing method will level up because the custom USB sticks provide a dual objective; one that people can use daily & a reminder of where they obtained it.

Company Holiday Gifts

Custom branded USB sticks are great for companies’ holiday gifts because they have an exaggerated perceived value. Many audiences know that if they walk into a local retail shop, they shell out $8-10 or more for a 4GB USB memory stick.

When you get promotional USB drives for your promotional products supplier, you get an affordable price, but you also get excellent advertising opportunities to promote your brand. Isub produces custom USB stick, which also acts as promotional gifts designed as per your requirements.

Offer a Digital Coupon

Carry your promotional flash drives for your next expo, trade show, or business event. Make sure to preload them with a digital voucher or coupon. These are an ideal way to increase leads from these social events, which encourages the guests to buy you at a discounted price.

Digital vouchers & coupons ensure your guests won’t accept the coupons during business events. Prospects will keep your promotional USB sticks safe and use them later.


Giveaway Promotional Thumb Drives on Orientation day

Use promotional thumb drives as a giveaway on orientation day to your new employees. The custom USB sticks can store more information with welcome letters, handbooks, & much more.

New employees can easily access & transfer the files to another device quickly. Give them USB sticks as promotional gifts for daily & future projects to work for the business.

Promotes Fun Activities

Custom branded USB sticks can make fun activities by planning a reward for your employees. For instance, you can organize a set of bulk personalized flash drives with preloaded information on some of them with instructions to claim a cash price or a reward.

Employees who get the custom USB sticks must follow the instructions to claim their rewards and become the winner. Those who got blank promotional USB sticks can still use them for daily work needs.

Distribute USBs to Thank Viewers

Promotional USB drives are an excellent way to thank the guests & viewers during an event or a meeting. Preload the information with thank you images, videos & letters with a positive note that helps them remember your brand for an extended period.

Do not bore customers by adding typical thank you messages. Make it in a fun way or with a meme with unique & exciting quotes. Ensure to add information about the company & its services with contact information to reach out to you when needed.

Custom Branded USB Sticks as Tour Guide

Are you organizing an event for various customers worldwide? Then use custom branded USB sticks to add information about the restaurants, hotels, and places to visit with maps so customers can easily access & visit beautiful places around them.

Hand out the promotional flash drives when customers register at the event and inform them what it contains so they can check out immediately. If they like it, they will share it with their friends & family. Through this, your brand name can get a good impression.

Use Promotional Thumb Drives for Industry Promotions

Utilize promotional thumb drives to promote your particular industry sector with preloaded information about the history, facts, & statistics and let customers know about the process, management & necessary info to make them aware of your unique industry.

Include recommendations to purchase the products & services with well-guided information & buying decisions. Gain the customer trust by implementing innovative ideas, which leads to an increase in brand visibility.

iUSB creates promotional flash drives with eye-catching designs, packaging & accessories best suitable to promoting your brand. Choose a wide range of custom USB styles with endless options at affordable rates with fast delivery all around Australia.

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