Custom USB drives made easy
Custom USB drives made easy

Carrying files around has never been made easier than with the use of a custom USB memory drive. A typical 2 GB capacity custom USB drive today can give you all the needed storage capacity you will need. They are called custom USB drives primarily because they… Read More

Marketing Tool- Print IUSB
Marketing tools – the print USB

Custom manufactured and print USB devices are magnificent marketing tools not only for the reasons previously stated but because they are so very useful to almost anyone. The development of this technology made transferal and storage of files incredibly easy for all computer users and made a… Read More

Promotional USBs By Impant Media
The exposure of a promotional USB

While other companies give out branded key chains and erasers, you have a chance to express your original approach, thoughtfulness and understanding of the reality by simply giving out promotional USB sticks. Indeed, they are irreplaceable in our day and age when technologies rule. And regular visitors… Read More

custom wooden usb
Flash back to bulk USB drives

Over the last 10 years, Bulk USB drives have become so popular that they are being mass produced in vast numbers. Demand brings the price right down on each unit making them an even more attractive proposition for those looking to distribute large amounts of data to… Read More

Reap the benefits of a custom usb

If you consider a custom USB drive, it is no longer just an external storage device but you can take advantage of this small gadget as a tool in order to drive your business. These tiny gadgets have the capacity to store a lot of information and data in the… Read More

Necessity for custom USB drives

I travel quite a bit for both business and for fun, and I cannot think of the last time I went somewhere without my digital camera, my mobile phone, iPad, laptop or some other gizmo such as the custom USB. These devices are so much a part of our lives… Read More

Print USB needs

There are millions of online stores at the moment and competition is just as fierce on the web as it is for conventional stores. Despite growth in consumer confidence, shopping online stills trails well behind more conventional methods of shopping and it is essential that online stores employ marketing methods… Read More

custom wooden usb
Using promotional USB drives

If your employees regularly make cold sales calls to offices, or industry conventions and meetings, then you are bound to meet a large pool of potential clients and business partners. While traditional calling cards are still very much acceptable, supplementing it with a promotional USB drive is a great way… Read More

custom usb
The thing about custom USB drives

Custom USB drives are seen everywhere these days.  A lot of businesses use them as they are cheap, highly usable, versatile and most of all portable. These qualities make flash drives a definite must-have for anyone wanting to do anything. It is no surprise that marketing and advertising professionals have… Read More

The promotional USB drive

Promotional USB drives are a great tool to give out at conventions, conferences, and even within the office to get people and employees interested in your product or service. The appeal of the promotional USB drive is that it is reusable and depending on your business, may… Read More