Gatefold USB Panel

Gatefold USB Case 4 / 6 Panel

The Gatefold USB is a great example of the type of speciality packaging that is exclusive to iusb. Made from rigid cardboard, we offer the USB gatefold in a 4 and 6-panel variations. Available in Standard/Matt/Gloss or recycled finishes with options to add gold foils and extra booklets we have configurations to suit any application.

Estimated time for USB packaging Colour printed USBs Panel-USB-packaging USB Packaging in Customised Panels
Promotional USB Panel digicase

Digicase USB 4 / 6 Panel

With a similar construction to the Gatefold USBs, but with the addition of a tray to hold a Card USB, the Digicase USB really stand out as-as a beautiful piece of packaging. It also comes in 4 and 6-panel variation and also has the same range of finishes as its gatefold companion.

The USB Gatefold is only compatible with USBs from the Card range.

Estimated time for USB packaging Colour printed USBs Panel-USB-packaging USB Packaging in Customised Panels

USB DVD Style Case - Standard

The USB DVD Case – Standard is the case that is compatible with the most USBs in our collection. As there is a plastic recess that any of the USBs with a USB A type connector can fit into and a clip for any USB that has a lid the vast majority of USBs available will work with this case*

Please note not compatible with Card USBs or with any of the mini USBs.

Estimated time for USB packaging

USB DVD Style Case - Standard Card

With a similar form to our USB DVD Style Card – Standard the USB DVD style Case – Standard Card is pretty much the same, except, wait for it, it holds the USBs from the Card range of promotional USBs.

Estimated time for USB packaging
Packaging USB case mini twist

USB DVD Style case - Mini Twist

The USB DVD Style case – Mini Twist is another iusb exclusive that won’t be found anywhere else in Australia. Its small Form factor makes it a popular choice. It is compatible with the Twist USB and a few of its variations so if there is a model that you would like to team up with this USB packaging let us know and we can see if it is compatible.

Estimated time for USB packaging
Promotional USB - Packaging-USB-case-mini-card-iUSB

USB DVD Style Case - Mini Card

The USB DVD Style Case – Mini Card is a shrinked down version of our Standard Card case. Perfect for mailouts or when you trying to save that tiny bit more room

Estimated time for USB packaging
Printed Wooden USB Box

Wooden USB Box

Our Wooden USB boxes are available with both our 48hr and standard ranges promotional USBs. Usually paired with USBs from our wooden range client have been known to team them us with others from the range – So as we say do whatever you want.

Colour printed USBs Engraved Wooden USB
Printed Promotional USBs in Tin box

Tin Box

Brushed metal finishes and coming in a range of sizes and styles our Tin Boxes are fantastic at complementing your promotional USBs. They can be either screen printed or UV printed with graphics and logos with some styles having display windows so you can see the USB without needing to open the case.

Colour printed USBs Screen Printed USBs
Packaging USB plastic box

Plastic Box

Our printed promotional USB plastic boxes are made from durable polypropylene and have have the ability to fit almost all of our promotional USB except USB from the card range of USBs. With a magnetic locking clear lid that also can be printed our plastic boxes make a great presentation or display box.

USB printed foiled deluxe box

Deluxe Box - Foiled / Screen Printed

Our Deluxe USB boxes look great and have a premium look and touch. With the ability to be screen printed or even foiled these boxes and a variety or sizes on over contact if you think this is the right packaging

Screen Printed USBs Foiled Custom USBs
Packaging USB blister packs

USB Blister Pack

We have simple Blister packs that can hold many of the full-size Promotional USBs from our range. We can also print info cards to slip into the back of the packs so that additional information can be shared about your product or promotion.

Estimated time for USB packaging
Printed Special Packaging USB

Speciality Packaging

Packaging is an important part to any branded bulk USBs project and iusb are the experts. We carry it, we understand it and we make it. If there is something that you have seen or have a concept you would like to see come to fruition, let us know – we have worked with 1000s of clients to help them realise their custom project and we would love to help you too!