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A guide to using custom USB devices

Steps to using custom usb drives for your promotional advertising. Choose a custom design You have the responsibility of choosing the best custom USB design you prefer for the drives. You can decide to use your company logo as part of the design including the shapes and… Read More

Custom USB drives made easy
Custom USB drives made easy

Carrying files around has never been made easier than with the use of a custom USB memory drive. A typical 2 GB capacity custom USB drive today can give you all the needed storage capacity you will need. They are called custom USB drives primarily because they… Read More

Reap the benefits of a custom usb

If you consider a custom USB drive, it is no longer just an external storage device but you can take advantage of this small gadget as a tool in order to drive your business. These tiny gadgets have the capacity to store a lot of information and data in the… Read More

Necessity for custom USB drives

I travel quite a bit for both business and for fun, and I cannot think of the last time I went somewhere without my digital camera, my mobile phone, iPad, laptop or some other gizmo such as the custom USB. These devices are so much a part of our lives… Read More

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The thing about custom USB drives

Custom USB drives are seen everywhere these days.  A lot of businesses use them as they are cheap, highly usable, versatile and most of all portable. These qualities make flash drives a definite must-have for anyone wanting to do anything. It is no surprise that marketing and advertising professionals have… Read More

custom wooden usb
Brand awareness and custom USB

The best way to promote businesses is to use promotional products and one of the most convenient and functional ways to improve brand awareness is to use branded USB sticks. If you are planning to give away USB business cards, then it is important that you know… Read More

custom wooden usb
The custom USB stick

Custom USB sticks can be used as a great promotional tool. For example, they can be used in many forms; hand them out to your loyal customers as a “thank you,” use them to boost your brand visibility and ensure you make a statement and ensure you are the first… Read More