The Benefits of Purchasing Custom Bulk USB sticks

USB sticks are resistant to magnetic interference; they remain undamaged by surface scratches. What you need to know about buying custom bulk USB sticks.? Let me break it down for you in a more straightforward way. USB is an electronic device that stores data. USB short form for “Universal Serial… Read More

Tips for Engraving Promotional USBs
Top Tips for Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a great way to get your designs/artwork/logos onto promotional USBs.  Use these handy tips to get the most out of your project. Make sure your artwork is suitable.  Laser engraving looks great when the correct style of artwork is used and not so much… Read More

Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial – Setting up the perfect USB

Photoshop tutorial – Learning the basics of setting up USB artwork of iusb. These steps will work for artwork to be Screen Printed, Offset Printed, UV Printed and Engraved Setting up your artwork correctly from the get go will help you achieve the best print results for your stickers. Its… Read More

Wooden USBs
Wooden USBs – Are they environmentally friendly?

Promotional USBs are comprised of two main parts – an integrated circuit board comprising a controller, varying size flash RAM  and a  USB adaptor connector with USB Type A being the most common (but as standards change so the options and clients needs, with Type C and… Read More

USB Cases
USB Cases – Which one is right for you?

When looking at USB cases it important to think about what the USB will be used for as that will help you decide which case is the right choice.  You might be looking for the most cost-effective option as the USBs will be given… Read More

Circus Oz
Circus Oz – 40th Anniversary USBs

It was great to work with such an iconic Australian company such as Circus OZ to help them with their Promotional USBs.  They decided to go for a Wooden style USB, which works great with their company profile, with a full-colour print of the surface of the USB with… Read More