1TB microSD Card are now on the market – What does that mean for promotional USB and Bulk micro SD cards?

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By Implant Media May 16, 2019

Micro SD cards - 1TB

Sandisk are the first to market with a 1TB (1 terabyte) Micro SD card. With transfer speeds of 60-megabytes-per-second and 90MB/s writing speed for compatible devices, the new cards are a real step forward in the evolution of SD and memory cards. The same technology can theoretically be used in your promotional USBs but with the micro SD cards listed at eye-watering $760 per unit buying them in bulk isn’t really feasible yet. But with every new generation of memory that comes out the more basic sizes drop in price and we are seeing that happen almost weekly with our USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 memory price meaning the overall price of promotional USBs will continue to drop and become more and more economically no matter what the size or style.

1TB microSD Card are now on the market