Essential Tips and Best Practices for USB packaging
Discover the Essential Tips and Best Practices for USB packaging

A USB stick by itself is a functional, plain-looking item. Give that to someone as part of your brand promotion or as a gift and chances are it will lie forgotten in some corner. But if you create an aesthetically appealing USB drive, its value suddenly goes up. Further, give…

Bulk USB Purchase in Australia
Stock Up and Save with Bulk USB Purchase in Australia

A few years ago, a USB stick was added to the tool stack in a Swiss army knife. That speaks volumes for the high utility and portability of the USB drive in our everyday lives. Whenever we want to quickly share a file or save it for backup, we reach…

Buying Bulk USB Sticks
A Complete Guide for Buying Bulk USB Sticks in Australia

The 21st century saw the birth of USB flash drives to safely store digital data, such as files, pictures, audio, and even videos. Unlike Floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, USB sticks are known for their durability and are applicable for various applications. The popularity of custom USB drives has increased…

Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand -Promotional-flash-drives
10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand Using Promotional USB Drives

Are you looking for other innovative ways to use promotional USB drives? Promotional flash drives have become the go-to mode for portable data storage & they have also occurred as a powerful marketing tool. Try these ten creative ways to promote your brand using promotional USB sticks.

Custom USB Gifts
USBs – What makes them the best corporate Gifts

Promotional USBs are easy to order and easy to customise making them a great option for a corporate gift.  Having them produced in your own corporate colours with logos or artwork, and with iusb even offering free setup. Graphics can be sent through and approved in a matter of…

Promotional USB - Marketing
Branding – Why are promotional USBs so good for Branding?

Branding is often one of the last or even forgotten parts of a business’s marketing or advertising spend. Large amounts of money can be spent on SEO and PPC advertising but if you don’t have the right website, look and offer this is often money put down the drain. You…

Wooden USBs
Wooden USBs – Are they environmentally friendly?

Promotional USBs are comprised of two main parts – an integrated circuit board comprising a controller, varying size flash RAM  and a  USB adaptor connector with USB Type A being the most common (but as standards change so the options and clients needs, with Type C and…

USB Cases
USB Cases – Which one is right for you?

When looking at Custom USB cases it important to think about what the USB will be used for as that will help you decide which case is the right choice.  You might be looking for the most cost-effective option as the USBs will be given away in a…