Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial – Setting up the perfect USB

Photoshop tutorial – Learning the basics of setting up USB artwork of iusb. These steps will work for artwork to be Screen Printed, Offset Printed, UV Printed and Engraved Setting up your artwork correctly from the get go will help you achieve the best print results for your stickers. Its… Read More

Wooden USBs
Wooden USBs – Are they environmentally friendly?

Promotional USBs are comprised of two main parts – an integrated circuit board comprising a controller, varying size flash RAM  and a  USB adaptor connector with USB Type A being the most common (but as standards change so the options and clients needs, with Type C and… Read More

USB Cases
USB Cases – Which one is right for you?

When looking at Custom USB cases it important to think about what the USB will be used for as that will help you decide which case is the right choice.  You might be looking for the most cost-effective option as the USBs will be given away in a… Read More

progression of the promotional USB
The progression of the promotional USB

Technology has progressed tremendously over the years and has simplified the way data can be stored and transferred from one computer to another in the absence of a network. From the earlier bulky and unreliable data storage devices, such as floppy disks, the advancements in IT have resulted in data… Read More

Bulk USB Device and Benifits
The great invention – promotional USB sticks

Promotional USB Drives are a very great invention of technology. They generally consists of a memory data storage device and these are integrated with a USB with an interface of 1.1 or 2.0. These are removable as well as rewritable and much smaller than the floppy disks. Read More

Marketing tools – what you need to know

Promotional USB products have been used as a marketing tool for decades, however, in recent years, businesses are trying to move away from traditional products such as pens, umbrellas and investing in promotional USB drives. The USB drive is a portable device for storing and transferring many… Read More

Promotional USBs By Impant Media
The exposure of a promotional USB

While other companies give out branded key chains and erasers, you have a chance to express your original approach, thoughtfulness and understanding of the reality by simply giving out promotional USB sticks. Indeed, they are irreplaceable in our day and age when technologies rule. And regular visitors… Read More

custom wooden usb
Using promotional USB drives

If your employees regularly make cold sales calls to offices, or industry conventions and meetings, then you are bound to meet a large pool of potential clients and business partners. While traditional calling cards are still very much acceptable, supplementing it with a promotional USB drive is a great way… Read More