Using print USB at tradeshows
Using print USB at tradeshows

It is very common for most businesses to stick to the routine of giving away such items as pens and tote bags at trade show exhibitions and events. While such products work well in the advertising the businesses, print USB drives can also be a wonderful alternative… Read More

progression of the promotional USB
The progression of the promotional USB

Technology has progressed tremendously over the years and has simplified the way data can be stored and transferred from one computer to another in the absence of a network. From the earlier bulky and unreliable data storage devices, such as floppy disks, the advancements in IT have resulted in data… Read More

Bulk USB Device and Benifits
Bulk USB devices and the benefit

Businesses can find bulk USB drives in nearly any size, shape or colour they want. Everything from the traditional bar shape to a version that is also a pen can be found when shopping online. These tiny devices manage to store up to 16 gigabytes of data within a small… Read More

progression of the promotional USB
Custom USB sticks in this digital era

In todays digital era, having a digital storage medium handy is a must. People are getting tired of collecting pens, mugs, pencils, key chains, and erasers at trade shows and store fronts. In fact, these promotional items are almost a thing of the past. Give your target market a pleasant… Read More

custom usb
Advantages of print USB sticks

More and more companies are starting to use print USB sticks as a part of their advertising or marketing campaigns, or as giveaways for partners or employees. Advantages of Print USB Sticks Print USB sticks have much more value than they are actually worth because they… Read More

Bulk USB Device and Benifits
The great invention – promotional USB sticks

Promotional USB Drives are a very great invention of technology. They generally consists of a memory data storage device and these are integrated with a USB with an interface of 1.1 or 2.0. These are removable as well as rewritable and much smaller than the floppy disks. Read More

Creative Custom USB Stick
Get creative with custom USB sticks

Custom USB memory sticks are the perfect trade show giveaways as well as memorable corporate gifts that can help your company boost its sales considerably. They can increase your conversion rates, bring in repeat orders, enable your company to increase its customer loyalty and also bring in new customers. Custom… Read More

custom usb
Promotional custom USB devices

Promotional items are a good way to help clients remember your business and products. With the advent of technology, high tech souvenir products are gaining popularity because of their functionality and uniqueness. There are a lot of tech and gadget items that can be made into giveaways for promotional purposes… Read More

Marketing tools – what you need to know

Promotional USB products have been used as a marketing tool for decades, however, in recent years, businesses are trying to move away from traditional products such as pens, umbrellas and investing in promotional USB drives. The USB drive is a portable device for storing and transferring many… Read More

custom wooden usb
A guide to using custom USB devices

Steps to using custom usb drives for your promotional advertising. Choose a custom design You have the responsibility of choosing the best custom USB design you prefer for the drives. You can decide to use your company logo as part of the design including the shapes and… Read More